Study online for your International GCSE with CambriCollege


Students on Cambricollege ending in a GED



Students in Grade 8-10 who will study the GED exam later.
Students in Grade 8- 10 can use Cambricollege as a home schooling resource before enrolling with Pass GED Academy to complete a Grade 12 equivalent.
Exams are not necessary as the Assignments will suffice for students finishing with a GED.
There is a variety of wonderful learning materials available on the program with a choice of 30 subjects to study from. The work is presented by means of engaging short teaching videos and Assignments to monitor the student. The younger the student, the more exposure they need to various subjects, and Cambricollege provides a broad basis and foundation for educating younger students. We do recommend students preparing for the GED include Maths, English and Combined Science, so that they can cope with the GED work later on. See info on Social Studies below.
We recommend the following for the younger students preparing for GED:
This schedule is optional and students do not have to stick to their Grade- if they are capable of moving on to the next level they must feel free to.
Choose a total of 5-6 subjects or more if you wish to, and create a workable schedule around these subjects. Students should feel free to do as many Supplementary subjects that they wish to in order to open their minds up to career opportunities.
Grade 8/9
Getting Ready for IGCSE ( in subjects you have chosen to do)
Achieve Maths
Achieve English
Any of the supplementary subjects but preferably include Combined Science.
( the GED Science is taught in full on the GED program but Combined Science will give the student a great background in Science.)
Grade 10/11 level
Any of the 30 subjects on offer to choose from.
If possible
If the IGCSE subjects are too difficult the student can do the supplementary subjects instead as the GED program will be taught in full but Maths and English are definitely necessary to do before GED.
Supplementary subjects for all ages
14 Subjects suitable for students of all ages are available to choose from, to broaden their education and to add interest to the learning experience.
Social Studies:
There is no direct pre GED prep for Social Studies but please read the following and remember the subject is taught in full on our GED program.
Please see this helpful link on Social Studies:
The Social Studies test focuses on four major content areas:
  • Civics and government (50%)
  • United States history (20%)
  • Economics (15%)
  • Geography and the world (15%)
In studying towards the Social Studies test, students will learn to apply American social studies concepts, know how to read graphs and charts displaying social studies data, and use reasoning to interpret information. The social studies test is not about memorization. However, you may be given some information about an event that you might need to use in drawing conclusions.
The test includes three main topics:
  • Reading for Meaning in Social Studies
  • Analyzing Historical Events and Arguments in Social Studies
  • Using Numbers and Graphs in Social Studies
The GED® Social Studies Test measures your knowledge of history, geography, government, and economics. Basically, it’s about people, places, and important events. Social Studies is an important subject because it helps us understand who we are and what we stand for as an individual, community, and country.
If you are 16 years or older and looking to do our GED program now, please