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Information on Cambricollege


In what ways can Cambricollege be used to educate students?

Students aged 14-15 ( Grade 9-10) can study on Cambricollege before choosing to finish their schooling off with a GED or AS levels.

Cambridge Matric equivalent with University Exemption

Students can study the International GCSE subjects in order to write their IGCSE exams and get an exemption for university through USAf after completing their AS levels.

New releases are sections for students getting ready for their AS levels. Please see this link for exam requirements, subject choices and other info required for the International GCSE exams.

Cambridge Matric without Exemption

Students can evaluate their International GCSE and AS levels with SAQA as a basic Matric equivalent.

(Please contact us for info on this option)

Students ending Grade 12 equivalent with a GED

Students in Grade 9- 10 can use it as a home schooling resource before enrolling with Pass GED Academy to complete a Grade 12 equivalent.

There is a variety of wonderful learning materials available on the program with a choice of 28 subjects to study from. The younger the student, the more exposure they need in various subjects, and Cambricollege provides a wonderful broad basis and foundation for educating students. We do recommend students preparing for the GED include Maths, English and Science, so that they can cope with the GED work later on. No exams are necessary for this path but the student will still do the Assessments.

If you are 16 years or older and looking to do our GED program now, please go to Pass GED Academy,

What is included in Cambricollege?

Cambricollege is not a virtual school but a self study package.

The online International GCSE learning content is award-winning content that is designed to fully prepare students for their exams from start to finish through 3-5 minute learning videos.

Studies have shown that the human brain processes videos 60 000 times faster than it does text! In a nutshell, videos are good teachers.

The content is currently offered in over 40 countries and has been produced for mobile devices, tablets and PCs. There is also a handy app to download and use whilst on the go.

The programs providers are partnered with two of the most respected Education Professional Organisations in the UK: ASCL (Association of School and College Leaders) as well as PIXL (Partners in Excellence).

All of the Science subjects have been reviewed and approved by the Association of Science Educators.

Over 6500 videos and over 28 subjects ( 16 of the subjects are international GCSE aligned) are included in the price. No need to pay separately for separate subjects.  Exam fees and text books if needed, are excluded .

The program does not include one on one tutoring– parents or tutors will work out the schedule and be responsible for the education of the student or extra tutoring can be purchased at an extra fee if needed- Cambricollege provides the content of videos and Assignments to test the knowledge of the student. Any support needed as far as exams or any other query is promptly handled by our staff via email or telephone.

Do you need to purchase text books with the program?

A blended approach of using text books and the video content is recommended for students studying for the International GCSE exams. In some subjects work books are provided, but the parent may decide to use text books along with the video program, which works very well. Assignments with multiple choice are provided on the videos to see if the student fully understands the lesson.

Students studying the program for pre GED do not require text books at all. The Assignments will be all they need to pass in order to move onto the GED program.

See full Curriculum.

How much does Cambricollege cost and when does my account expire?

The price is only R6 000 ( Incl VAT)  for a *year’s access and includes all 28 subjects.

Registrations are open throughout the year and your date of expiry will be 12 months after you have paid us.

If you need more time on the program you can enroll again but please give us notice before your year expires.

How does it work?

The program is self paced and students work out their own schedule using the Study Guide you receive once enrolled. At the end of each learning video, there are Check and Challenge quizzes and multiple choice assignments  which are marked instantly, to test the knowledge of the student. Boost playlists are automatically assigned to help students improve weaker areas. Reports and progress are clearly visible on the student’s portal. In depth progress reports are provided by our staff on request and assignments can be reset if necessary. Students will estimate when they will be writing the final exams using our exam guide which we provide, and do past papers just before writing the exams. Information on exam choices and exams are provided to all enrolled students.

Here are some snippets of the program to watch:


A Cambricollege Whatsapp group is available for parents and students to share ideas on. This has proved to be very popular and you can apply to join once enrolled. Our trained staff are available during working hours to answer any questions you may have via email or telephone. If extra tutoring is needed then we can recommend qualified tutors to help students that have difficulty in any topics, via Zoom bundles.

What is the cost of Cambricollege?

The price is based on an annual fee of  R6 000 per student, which will enable a student to log on every day and complete the work assigned to them from the Study Guide, or work to their own schedule.

The price includes access to all 28 subjects but excludes exam fees.

Free Trial

If you wish to try the IGCSE program for a free trial please email : 

How to Enroll on Cambricollege:

Once you have paid the enrollment fee of R6 000 and emailed us your details, we can can activate your account.

Send full name of student, email address, date of birth and method of payment to:

Banking Details EFT:

EFT R6 000 ( Incl VAT)  to:

Terms are available via our Enroll Page if you cannot afford to pay it in one payment.


Account Name: Essential Skills Online

Check Acc Number 1310046344

Branch Code 114145 ( Somerset West Mall Branch)

(Reference should be name of student)

Pay with Credit Card or Debit Card or Mobicred


Fill out the Student Enrollment form and attach proof of payment.

What age is the Cambricollege program designed for?

International GCSE is for students ages 14-15 and is equivalent to Grade 9/10

There is however NO AGE LIMIT to starting or beginning the IGCSE exams. Students of any age can study for and write exams.

Students studying for the GED do not need to do exams on Cambricollege. The tutor or parent will monitor their Assessment results on a regular basis.

Students that are not quite ready for the primary subjects can do the pre GCSE level pods, Assignments and Workbooks to bridge the gap.

Are Exams mandatory?

If the student is wanting to do their IGCSE and AS levels they will have to do the exams, however not all students on Cambricollege wish to complete their IGCSE exams- some use the program from age 14 or Grade 9 and 10 as a pre GED program and complete their GED through Pass GED Academy. There are more than 28 subjects available, so the program offers a broad spectrum of learning for younger students. Your marks will be shown on the Assignments should you choose not to do the exams.

What International GCSE subjects are available on the program to choose from? 

(Pre GCSE sections in all subjects are now available too)

Contact us for more information on exam requirements, subject groupings, pass marks and other exam related info if you wish to do IGCSE exams.

See Full Curriculum

First Language

  • English First Language

Foreign Language

  • French as a Foreign Language
  • German as a Foreign Language
  • Spanish as a Foreign Language
  • *Afrikaans as a second language

* Afrikaans can be taken as a second language for exams, but you need to study from text books for is as we do not support it on our program)


  • Biology ( practical exams optional)
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Combined Science
  • Co-ordinated Science
  • Mathematics


  • Geography
  • History


  • Business Studies
  • Computer Science #
  • ICT #

# Computer Science is more about how computers work, and about programming. ICT is more about people in business, and tailoring commercially-available applications to their needs.

Supplementary non International GCSE Subjects Included 

In addition to the exam subjects, there are many extra subjects non exam related that can be taken to provide a well rounded education. Achieve Maths and Achieve English are also available to prepare students for the International GCSE Maths and English if they need more foundation work.

  • Drama
  • Creative iMedia
  • Music theory
  • Design and Technology
  • Food preparation
  • Music Theory
  • Health and Fitness
  • Physical Education
  • Achieve Maths*
  • Achieve English*
  • English Literature

* these two subjects come with worksheets and are suitable for pre GCSE.

Where do you write the international GCSE exams?

Exams will be booked independently by parents or tutors at one of the many exam centers available- these can be found on this link , or you can write exams at the British Council. Cost of each exam varies between R900-R1800 depending on the centre you choose. We suggest you enquire at the exam centre you will be writing at.

Who would benefit from this program?

International IGCSE Students

Students who wish to pursue a university education can complete the program and write the International GCSE exams in South Africa or anywhere in the world. They can move onto their AS levels, and work towards a university exemption in South Africa or anywhere in the world. Content for pre IGCSE and post IGCSE is a new addition and also included in the program for the same annual fee of R6 000.

Adults can also enroll  if they wish to work towards their International GCSE levels. There are no age restrictions.

Students aiming to complete a GED® 

Students that wish to complete their Grade 12 with Pass GED Academy but are under 16 years of age can also use the program as a filler and study online until they are ready to enroll for the GED® program.

We support all students aiming for both AS levels or GED® .

Tutoring Centres

The program can be incorporated into tutoring schools as an  online curriculum for students aged 14-15.

Please fill out this form if you wish to enroll as a tutoring centre.