Study online for your International GCSE with CambriCollege


What does Cambricollege provide?

Cambricollege are facilitators of an award winning online International GCSE learning program.

  • This powerful international program, is designed to fully prepare students for their international British exams, or any homeschooling student aged 13-16 and studying for Grades 8-11.
  • The program contains 14 supplementary subjects in addition to the 16 International GCSE subjects.
  • The content is currently offered in over 40 countries and has been produced for mobile devices, tablets and PCs. A very useful phone app is available, with learning pods to listen to while on the go.
  • There are more than 6500 learning videos, each 3-5 minutes long, built like mini lessons. Our staff sets unique Assignments on each subtopic which test the knowledge of the student.
  • Most of the questions are multiple choice and are marked instantly. After tests and assignments are marked, a boost playlist is assigned to the student, highlighting their weak areas. Workbooks in some subjects are available to download.
  • All 30 subjects are included in the annual enrollment fee. Registrations are open throughout the year for our quarterly start dates.( email for more details) If you need more time after your subscription ends you can enroll again to continue from where you left off. See Curriculum
  • Students can work at their own pace with a flexible schedule, or from a structured weekly schedule, set for them by their tutor or parent. Extra tutoring by a qualified teacher is available via Zoom bundles, if needed.
  • The program is continually updated with current material. Progress reports, assignments and homework or extra work can be set by our local team of tutors.
  • Students can join a very useful WhatsApp group where they can interact with other students and tutors.  Student Enrollment Form
  • Free trial to the program is available for 5 days.
  • Exam information and subject guidance is included as part of the enrollment fee.

Who is the program designed for?

The program is designed for younger students aged 13-16 and covers Grade 8-11.

International GCSE Students

Students who wish to pursue a university education can complete the program and write the International GCSE exams in South Africa or anywhere in the world. They can move onto their AS levels, and work towards a university exemption in South Africa or anywhere in the world. Content for pre International GCSE and post GCSE is a new addition and also included in the program for the same enrollment fee of R5400.

Adults can also enroll  if they wish to work towards their International GCSE levels. There are no age restrictions.

Exams are hosted at various venues around South Africa. Enrolled students are given an exam pack which helps them choose the correct subjects and find an exam centre near them. Exam fees are not included in the enrollment fee.

Students aiming to complete a GED®

Students that wish to complete their Grade 12 with Pass GED Academy but are under 16 years of age can also use the program as a filler and study online until they are ready to enroll for the GED® program. We support all students aiming for both AS levels or GED® .

Tutoring Centres

The program can be incorporated into tutoring schools as an  online curriculum for students aged 13-16.

Please fill out this form if you wish to enroll as a tutoring centre.

How does it work?

Students can enroll all year round and no prior grades are required, but we do recommend the student is aged 13-16. Enrollment Form.

If you would like a 5 day Free Trial please go to this link.

Students have instant access to all 30 subjects once enrolled.  See Curriculum A blended approach of using text books and the video content is recommended for students studying for the IGCSE exam. Students studying the program for pre GED do not require text books at all.

The assignments are flexible can be handled in a several ways.

  • You can work from subject to subject on the program using the Study Guide according to your exam schedule.
  • Alternatively you can pick and choose assignments from the Study Guide that correlates to your text book (optional)

Enrolled students receive Assignments on every topic of the subjects they have chosen. These consist of  multiple choice questions and quizzes to check the knowledge of the student. Feedback is instant and marks displayed on the dashboard.  This makes it very easy to find exactly which area or lesson the student wishes to improve on. Revision is automatically assigned to the student.

What does the program cost?

The price is based on an annual fee of R5400 per student. (Registrations are open throughout the year based on our quarterly start dates.) This will enable the student to log into the program every day and complete the work assigned to them from their weekly schedule.

Click the Student Enrollment Form to Enroll.

For Free Trial email click here.

  • Full support is available to our students by phone or email from our team of helpful tutors who are able to issue progress reports and homework assignments. Extra tutoring by a qualified tutor can be purchased via Zoom bundles if needed.
  •  The program can be used at a local tutoring centre where local teachers can assist students with extra help.

What International GCSE subjects are available?

Here is a full list of the 16 International GCSE subjects. We suggest you choose your subjects accordingly if you wish to do the AS levels after the International GCSE exams.( Please email us for guidelines on how many subjects to choose) See the Curriculum which lists all the subjects available. ( all subjects are Extended and not Core)

  • Maths
  • English Literature *
  • English Language
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  •  Combined Science
  • Co-ordinated Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • ICT
  • Computer Science
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Business

Afrikaans can be taken as a second language but you would need to use text books to study for it.

Email us at for USAf requirements if you are following the International GCSE or Cambridge route and wish to obtain a complete exemption.

*English Literature is a recognised subject but does not count towards exemption requirements.

Which other subjects are available?

In addition to the exam subjects, there are many extra subjects non exam related that can be taken to provide a well rounded education. These are particularly useful for our younger students who need to broaden their knowledge in a variety of subjects.  If students are not quite ready for the primary subjects, foundation lessons, assignments and workbooks are now available to fill in any gaps in knowledge.

  • Texts for Drama
  • Music theory
  • Design and Technology
  • Food preparation
  • Music
  • Health and Fitness
  • Physical Education
  • Study Smart
  • Health and Fitness
  • Achieve Maths
  • Achieve English
  • Religious Studies
  • Keeping Fit and Healthy
  • Creative iMedia

*Registrations are open throughout the year for our quarterly start dates. 

For more information on this incredible UK based International GCSE online program, or to incorporate it into your tutoring school, please email:

Watch how the program works.

As founders and providers of the popular Pass GED Academy in South Africa since 2014, we are thrilled to endorse and support this program aimed at students studying for their international GCSE subjects or studying Grade 9-11. Based on it’s success in over 40 countries and positive feedback from our students that are on the program in South Africa, we know that you will love it too.


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